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Ephesians 5:16
16 making good use of the time, because the days are bad.
King James Version (RVR1960)


Time is a life opportunity that God grants us and it does not return twice, each time is a gift that happens only once and on a certain day.

"Time is defined as
the duration of things subject to change that determine the times, periods, hours, days, weeks, centuries, etc. This word comes from the Latin "tempus".
Time is a broad concept that is applied in various contexts. In relation to the definition given above, time can be seen as the physical quantity that allows to sequence events and determine moments and whose unit of measurement is the second".

In this sense, time allows us to live a certain moment by events that will not be repeated, other times will come but not the one that lives day by day, for example, this is a time lived that does not return, things can return, but not the facts. same time, because time really has no resurrection.

For this reason, the apostle Paul advises us to "make good use of time", that is, not to let any favorable opportunity pass, delimits "because the days are bad" or what it means to use time wisely and live a life separate from the world, Jesus Emphasize this by saying that even when we lived in the world, we should not be of the world.

Be careful when using time, do it wisely and prudently, because, the Bible also reminds us that we must walk carefully, not as fools, but as wise, which means walking cautiously, as someone who moves by a land full of thorny plants which represents the world.


The time that God gives us is a blessing, do not waste it, take advantage of every occasion and thank God for the time that allows you to live, also ask God for wisdom so that you can live the time offered with wisdom and humility recognizing that everything you have comes from God.

¡Remember that time has no resurrection!