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Exodus 23:25
If you worship the LORD your God, he will bless your food and your water. I will keep the disease away from you.


God created man to adore him but certainly man did not interpret God's perfect plan and chose his own path according to his criteria and this complicated the life of humanity and indeed the whole earth because man really started from this made to worship those who should not worship.

The Bible describes that Jehovah is our healer, his word clarifies us: I am Jehovah your healer and for those who believe these words it is a blessing that is received when maintaining a harmonious relationship with God.

Today many people in the world worship and idolize other gods without argument because it seems to them that it is the best way to search for their god in their own uncomplicated way but the Bible does not indicate that this is the correct way to search for the almighty God because the The Bible describes that there is only one way to reach God and it is through Jesus Christ his son.

There are parameters set by God for us to obey and worship Him with sincerity and heart. The Bible is the only answer to all the unknowns of the world that are in darkness and cannot look at the blessings or promises that God has established for this humanity.

The Bible is the only one certified by God to speak to humanity truthfully since it is she who offers us all the guidelines to avoid all influences that could distance man from the only true God from worship and his commandments.

So this promise: "If you worship the LORD your God, he will bless your food and your water. I will keep sickness away from you" is a reality in all those who believe and worship him.

God is looking for true worshipers to worship Him in Spirit and truth to glorify His glory in them.

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