God does not look at the condition of the person God looks at what is in the heart has shown it countless times and today through this story of Rahab the harlot shows us that the only one who can change directions and stories is him because only he can make of the vilest someone glorious and blessed


Josue 2
2 Then Joshua the son of Nun secretly sent two spies from Sitin with the following order: "Go explore the land, especially Jericho." When the spies arrived in Jericho, they stayed at the house of a prostitute named Rajab. 2 But the king of Jericho learned that two Israelite spies had entered the city that night to recognize the country. 3 So he sent the following message to Rajab: "Cast out the men who have entered your house, for they came to spy on our country."
4 But the woman, who had already hidden the spies, replied to the king: «It is true that some men came to my house, but I do not know who they were or where they came from. 5 They left when it was getting dark, when it was time to close the city gates, and I don't know where they went. Go after them; maybe they will catch up. 6 (Actually, the woman had taken the men to the roof of the house and had hidden them among the bundles of linen that she dried there).


Rahab's story is a most impressive story and it gives us a lesson on how God can change a person who recognizes his power through faith

Obedience and recognition of God is very important for the life of a person through recognition of God we can reach various blessings and promises for our life
Let's look closely at the life of this harlot woman named Rahab and the story that brought her up as a prostitute to marriage because God does wonderful things

The Bible begins by telling this story saying that Rahab the harlot leaned out the window and looked at two men who were approaching the house, they were quite young and good-looking, she thought that perhaps they would be clients and obviously that day she expected clients because her profession was specifically dedicated. to wait men but the men who were approaching at that time seemed to look at all the houses as if looking for some sign or some number that identified the house they were looking for

Rahab looked at them more carefully they were not people from the city because of their appearance because of their appearance their physique they seemed from other parts a vague concern seemed to invade her not that men scared her since her profession was working as a prostitute which worried her a little it was that these men were Israelites and Rahab the harlot of Jericho knew that the Israelites had destroyed the mighty of Egypt after they had defeated almost all the kings that lived in the desert and that now they were already at the gates of Jericho where she was and he had his family

Rahab felt fear, she felt a lot of panic, and in that the two men come to her house and knock on the door. Rahab let them in and not only gave her food and lodging, but said to them: I know that Jehovah your God is God up in the heavens and God down on earth I beg you to swear to me that when you conquer this city of Jericho you will protect the life of my father and my mother from my brothers and sisters

What a privilege it is to recognize the God of heaven! Obviously God liked this and he did not even look at that moment his condition only pleased with his faith.

In this way the Bible tells the story of Rahab the harlot from Jericho she helped the two young men that Josue sent captain Israelites knowing that God of the Israelites was the only true God and because she helped those two men Josue protected his life and life of all her family when Jericho was taken and the entire population was cut to the knife Rahab and her family were saved and not only that, but the blessing of God was so great that it fell on the former prostitute that one of the Israelite captains married her and she had children she had grandchildren and more than all that she became one of the ancestors of Jesus Christ the son of God and savior of the world for his faith in Jehovah the only God and his decision to side with his people Raahab saw the course of her life as a harlot happened to be a married woman mother of children happy and honored for the rest of her life

God honored Rahab the harlot with marriage and gave her a new life filled with joy and happiness.


God specializes in changing the directions of life takes people from the path of death and condemnation to put them on the path of life and eternal salvation in this hour when everyone seems to have lost their way God calls them to put your gaze and your faith on Him

How wonderful it is to find in Jesus Christ the serene and safe strong day! no matter what time of trouble or critical situation you are in if you trust Jesus Christ if you trust He can change your night into a bright dawn and your bitterness into an eternal song

God is wonderful and incredible changing directions changing stories if you can believe for him everything is possible