in HeartChurchlast year

In life we ​​all have bad times and good times some stronger than others and sometimes we drown in our own thoughts because fear, uncertainty and anxiety win us and unfortunately this is life only the brave and persistent who decide to fight win for their dreams and they never give up

For this, we must be aware that life is not easy and that it is accompanied by sometimes very strong processes where we also need to be firm and brave to face the challenges that are presented to us. We need to understand that walking in the light is not the same as walking in darkness.

(Isaiah 9: 2)
The people who walked in darkness saw a great light; those who dwelt in the land of the shadow of death, light shone upon them.

When man walks in darkness, he sees things differently, he acts differently from what God establishes and he does things that he believes to be correct, being incorrect because all his path seems right, instead when he is faced by the light, that is, by God, then the light shines on them. and there is hope because they begin to look differently and even in difficulty they can have peace and freedom in their souls


God has promised to shine in all those who have been absorbed by darkness in the hope of putting light in their ways and enlightening every man that light is Jesus Christ who came to open the eyes of the blind and set the captives free

Those who trust in God and walk in his ways will not stumble even if they walk at night because the light of Christ always shines on them so that their feet do not stumble over any stone

(Psalms 119: 105)
Your word is the lamp at my feet,
And light on my way.


The word of God is a lamp to the path of man because it teaches us to conduct ourselves on the path, it gives us wisdom, strength, firmness and in the midst of adversities, it is our source to get ahead and firmly in the face of life's problems.

In the dark difficult moments of sadness of afflictions or pain God never abandons us because He will always be our light in our process and journey of life in which we have hope we have strength and conviction that our dreams will come true

It is not time to surrender, it is not time to cry, it is time to get up because the light of Jesus shines in us and we will emerge victorious in difficulties He is our great portion and our light in times of darkness