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Isaiah 43:25
I, I am the one who erases your transgressions for love of myself, and I will not remember your sins.
(New American Standard Bible)


There are many who say "If I could return the things I did in the past, another would be the song of my life" but now I feel as if I were a woman or a defeated man ashamed and I don't dare to leave the because I think that everyone She is pointing out to me that she is a bad woman or a bad man that is how many people express themselves because obviously many have lived in the past rough lives because those people who go through life trying "luck" and really end up becoming a dreamless prank and hopes by becoming prodigal children in front of God really feel a guilt inside that their past actions are not forgiven

However I want to remind you that as long as there is life there is hope and not precisely in any man or woman of this earth because there is a hope far beyond the human that transcends the universe and can return meaning to lif

In this world no one can go back to the past what is done is done we human beings reap what we sow and obviously many are receiving the fruit of their many sowings that have silently brought hundreds of people but all is not lost, there is hope only Jesus can break through the barriers of time to invade our past!

Only Jesus Christ can give you a full and free life without guilt


He can make us feel comfortable with those things in our lives that we do not even want to remember. He says that he not only forgives our sins but will never remember them the day that people understand this they can become free and you too he can be free from the slavery of your past

Christ loves them and died for their sins he forgives you he forgives you and doesn't condemn you if you turn to him

We must accept the time leaving the past that enslaves us and transcending into the present, a present full of hope in Jesus Christ who gives us the gives new life