Thy word is a Lamb unto my path

in HeartChurch2 months ago

Lord in this world filled with darkness, sin and shame
Let thy word brighten my path
When I traverse the rocky and narrow path
Let your light brighten my face
This world is full of evil that men plan in the dark hours
But Lord your light shall expose them
Your Son is the light of the world.
Therefore he that have the Son haveth light and has light.

Order my steeps to my destination in your word
Teach me lord to depend on you
Open the eyes of my understanding
for in you alone i trust.

I can't trust my eyes to lead me to where my blessings are
But I believe that you are going to lead, guide and direct my steps.
Blessed be a man who trust in the Lord and make him his light.
For in Him lays the revelational knowledge.

Lord please direct my path.