The Lord shall turn away the captivity of Zion

in HeartChurch2 months ago

when the Lord turned away the captivity easier hallelujah we will like them that were dreaming.

Honestly you have to believe that God will turn it with your activity so stop it doesn't matter the situation you find yourself doesn't matter the deer just cried at night it doesn't matter how hot through the pain what's one thing matches and one thing is for sure Jesus will come to your rescue. So brothers and sisters I called on you this morning to encourage you to motivate you to drink some you that God is going to come and rescue you in the name of Jesus hostess you know Zion is a place of rest. Zion is a place of celebration, Zion is of God. However the devil has led lot of people day into captivity in Zion.

Soon as you know how people dream schedule sign for it but it just happened same way God is going to rescue you from that situation when you did not prepare for it. So beloved, I encourage you to go with this assurance and conviction that God will come through for us. God bless you and do have a great day ahead.