The Lord shall Satisfy you early.

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Psalms 46:5
When God is in a position
Because the Lord is here
He will certainly bring salvation to someone here
Because the Lord is here whatever you came with
He will meet you at the point of your need
When we talk about helping
Sometimes the help we need comes 3ate
Today God will help me to write very early in Jesus name
God will visit you write early
There are people that would have married early in life
But they struggle and struggle but no help
Today God will meet your needs and
He will help you succeed right early.
Psalms 90:14
Oh Satisfy us early
Fill us each morning GNB
Surprise us with your love at daybreak;
He is going to satisfy you early
So you can live to enjoy
So that you can become a testimony to someone
So that others can see through you and praise God

God is going to change that thing
that you have been thinking about
Zerubabel said “not by might not by power but by your Spirit
You need to have what to share as testimony
Right early shall you be satisfied
If you are the child of God
He is going to visit you right early
Today is my turn because everything in life is
Turn by turn in Jesus name, amen
Whatsoever is your situation
The Medical doctors may have diagnosed
And given you a report that makes you worried
But one thing is sure
The report of the Lord shall stand

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