Raise you head up, don't stay down

in HeartChurchlast month

morning brethren how was your night ? I hope you had a peaceful night rest. Well today I want to motivate you with that early morning tea I hope you don't mind having a test so stop the lost the question is not whether you have fallen from grace whether you was following some your achievements the question is are you ready to get back? You may have felt but that doesn't make you a failure staying down is what constitutes to fill out of early so the last irrespective of how many times you have tried and failed I want you to know that if you can just put your head up and let go of the past let go of the failure let go of that broken relationship let go of that addiction let go of that near success syndrome men you are gonna get the success and the goal used for always been longing for in the name of Jesus. There for I declare and decree this morning enjoy myself with you that whatsoever is she runs which is in line with God's will that the Lord will give you the grace 2 put it to reality in the mighty name of Jesus Christ so beloved Brothers please get up raise Your Hands Up don't stay there got out already lifted you up do you have a blessed day. God bless.