Marriage Focus: Watch out for these signs.

in HeartChurchlast month (edited)

I'm glad to come your way again with the pieces of information I have gathered through revelations and research about relationships and marriage red light.

Just like the high way, there is always road sigs that helps to feed the road users and drivers about the possible dangers. Similarly in our relationships and marriage, there are signs that one needs to watch out for before saying "I do".

It is rather sad that some people enter into marriage or stay in a relationship longer than necessary because of the hope that things would work out fine if they persist. Hence, it's not wrong that in most cases things actually work out. It's however a waste of time and resources hanging to a failed relationship. It is foolish to hope that the relationship that is abusive, empty and disconnected would work.

No matter how many years you've spent in the relationship. You've got to let it go. Just like you would ride miles wasting your gasoline if you take the wrong route, same way, you have to focus and take the right decision.

Do not hang on because of pity
Do not stay because of the years spent
Do not try to keep alive what God is trying to kill.

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