Marriage Focus: Knowing who wants and tolerate your flaws.

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Knowing who wants or does not want you in that relationship will save you some Heartbreaks.
Knowing also who wants you and is ready to tolorate your flaws will also save you from being victim. The last I checked it always there easy to know who really love to stop yet you can say I do know that lost of course you meant the lucky to know. But that truth remains that what works for you may not necessarily walk for me. And it may be a bit ties. I mean for one to know who loves him haha could take yours of walking with the person login the person Karen for the person by and get and what have you. However as a nervous is always had working when you discovered that you had twisted daytime Mars yes and even resources just to make it work. So in situations like us you would ask what should we do? Should we give up a lost should we stop loving should we start Marine should we even the border about whether someone loves us and not well my friend day and sister those questions is in Jesus. The Bible says that great last night no man to lay down his life for his friends. So veteran if you need love sign it in Jesus is unique love such it in his word God's Word house love. And GOD by nature is love. So there's no point wasting time trying to prove your loss I tried to expect you lost some bad friend from your life from your children they may never come mother is one source of love that will never sell and that is found in our Savior to law Jesus Christ. So glad I want to encourage you today. You unto Jesus and see you all that you need to handle.

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