God has a plan for you, why worry?

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God has a plan for your life just plan has already been established hallelujah. He texted least in such a way that even the devil knows about it so stuff do you know why the Bible say that before you before I knew you in your mother's womb and before you were born I ordinand you a prophet a, a preacher, man of God. So "I know the plan have for you say the Lord God of Host.
It is to plan of good and noticed evil to give you an expected and first of all glory hallelujah what else was any Kristen wants them to lean back onto the promises of God the loft here's the time and the time is now when you have to see that and with on the promises of God and a lot of plans of God in your life to come to pass. He know so he knows what's best for you so what eat week just worrying was a reverse with you know you get worried, you disturb yourself you first few yourself you get yourself all worked up for nothing so stop but one thing is a short my brothers and sisters god never fails. Did you hear what I said I said God never sell. Mean myself man I tell you about your place for you than me tell you about the talks they have about you did me give you first hopes and I didn't know the day that sell to bring it to reality but you know something about God she never sell God is always true I say that God doesn't sell and every word that the Lord has stayed in your life it will come to pass so stop did you hear that I say that it will surely not the word Charlotte certainly definitely keep yourself worked up. One thing is certain, one thing is sure, he will make things work out for you. No matter the situation, just trust him to do what He had promised you.

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