Blessing in disgise: Excuses are not necessary.

in HeartChurch2 months ago

There's a blessing in disguise
Only for those that will pay the price
The grand prize is really worth the cry
For days and month you had tried and tried

Never give up, your blessings is in disguise
Your condition is not worst to complain
For explaining your predicament won't ease your stress
Take a step of faith, don't remain there.

"Why sit we here and die? "
Such an act of faith backed up with action!
The government may or would fail you
Same with friends and family.

Don't let your condition hinder you
Move forward, your faith will work for you
It would be worst if you remain here and only hope
Take a walk into the city gates
For there lies the blessings.

Thy blessing lays there awaiting your coming
Just that your waiting and fears have deprived you
"Let's go into the city gates, if we die we die "

This faith walk will take you to your blessing
Your wait would be in vain as your location is far from the blessing well
Just work your way into the city gates
And there accesss your blessing and get it

The lepers took a risk that normal men didn't
Lepers were tired of hopping on the alms received
They stressed out of their comfort zone
And it paid off and earned them blessings

Do not remain there no more your blessings are right there but laying inn disguise.


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