Alone with God: Prayer time.

in HeartChurchlast month (edited)

Lord will bless your holy name for making us to see your new day you deserve all the glory orana automation Dominion maybe I spoken to your holy name in Jesus name amen. Lord I Thank you for the gift of life thank you for the gift of Sound mind thank you for the gift of parents thank you for making me alive even when a lot of people are dead.
That does mean because of I'm holy,
but name lord that has kept me thus far, in Jesus name amen. Lord this they are committing to your mighty hand it's a new day you know the end from the beginning. Lord Jesus, that's why I hand over to you to take charge. my hands I want to take control. I apologize for being unfaithful to you.
accepted quote in Jesus my lord divine help me like you do that's why I love Ariana Grande alterations so beautiful girl I love you Jesus thank you thank you thank you in the name of Jesus lord my future I commit to you you know the plans you have for me I love going out of you going to give me an expected in Foster City ca I commit my life I'm tired of struggling on my own not talk about this let's not talk about this life I'm sorry that I've offended you I'm sorry Lord in my thoughts I'm sorry in my actions and inactions that if I Sizzler cheats betrayal of stay away from you hi from you keep to myself only come to you when I'm in need of Lord please I am sorry for everything that I've done all god have mercy upon me. lol I know that there is nobody that can save me no one will save me where will I run to but I will be free from your heart we Foster Lord please show me your message have you will not protect princess guide me have your will not change me oh Lord I need a piece of my love on please not Grant me peace for this misunderstanding between me and my friend oh Lord I pray god down at Prince of Peace I feel good that you bring your peace between us now if you are involved in this Lord please show me signs I don't want to make mistakes all god I don't want to rush don't want to work or do things on my own what I want to listen to you or God and so Lord I pray that you please guide me Guide Me so stop all god may I don't make mistakes not in my choice in the mighty name of Jesus Christ. All of this guide my heart. You are the Prince of Peace therefore I pray that you go and this heart piece let there be peace of God. In the midst of this turbulent in the means of this misunderstanding disagreement in the means of this hatred Lord let your basement in the name of Jesus house top 20 please show me a sign speak to me I know it's been a long time not even going to be a lot but I pray god that you speaking to me or not I'm tired of struggling on my own Lord please speak to me oh god speak your word to me speak your word to me oh lord in the name of Jesus Christ thank you father I don't have my request will be granted in Jesus name and also father I come in in the name of Jesus Christ thank you father