Happy Children's Day


Good morning Heartchurch!

Today is the day of the Child in Venezuela, to all the little ones of the Heartchurch house that God bless them with Life, Health, Joy and Peace in a healthy growth surrounded by the love of their natural parents and Heavenly Father here on earth, and become well-fearing men and women of God and doers of his will.

The new generations are useful to society, carrying out the task that corresponds to them in the labor, personal, family and community areas with the success that God grants them from now and forever. Amen.

New talents in the sciences, art, technology and other professions and trades that build a country and make a better world are in the generation of relief.

Happy Children's Day very special for the poor children that Bread From Heaven feeds in Anzoátegui Venezuela, God Bless you.

It is the responsibility of parents to raise, educate and raise children who are good citizens with moral and spiritual values, instructing their children in the fear of God.

Happy and joyous day of the Children of Venezuela and the Heartchurch community.

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