To receive BLESSINGS, you must practice OBEDIENCE

in HeartChurch2 months ago

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If you are reading this, I have a very brief message to pass on to you. I hope you pay attention to every detail.


When it has to do with God's blessings, obedience comes first. Without first being obedient to the instructions and demands of the Lord, you cannot access His blessings and good rewards. God expects and wants us to always obey Him because it is by doing so that blessings come.

God does not release divine blessings upon everyone but on those who obey Him and follow His precepts. There will always be a difference between a man who obeys God and the one who doesn't. So, learn to be obedient to God always.

God's instructions sometimes look weird and unpleasing but in obeying it comes a blessing. Oftentimes, it doesn't look like or seem like an instruction from God but it is a blessing in disguise.

Naaman when he went to meet the prophet Elisha, he was expecting the man of God to lay his hands on him and pray. But he was disappointed the because it wasn't so. God doesn't work they were we sometimes think. Instead, the mighty man of valour, Naaman was asked to go wash himself in a small and dirty river in order for him to be headed from his leprosy.

He refused to yield to God's instructions but not for his servant who understood that there is blessing and healing in obedience. Immediately he did as he was told, his leprosy departed. Assuming he didn't obey, his condition wouldn't have changed.

Today, many acclaim that Abraham's blessings are theirs but is that really true? Some do not know how the blessings of Abraham came about and how to activate it. Abraham was a man of faith and a man who obeyed God wholeheartedly. It was his obedience to sacrifice Isaac that led him to becoming the father of many nations.

Would you obey God to the point of sacrificing your Isaac? Would you obey God that much even if it had to do with releasing that thing you love and hold dearly? Our level of obedience is known in these things.

No one has ever obeyed God and didn't get blessed by God abundantly. On the other hand, disobedience to God's word will lead us to failures in life so, always obey God. It is a determining factor of your blessings and breakthroughs in life.


Obedience is that key that unlocks the blessings.