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Reading for reflection:

1 kings 21
Ahab and the vineyard of Naboth
21 After these things, it happened that Naboth of Jezreel had a vineyard there next to the palace of Ahab king of Samaria.
2 And Ahab spoke to Naboth, saying, Give me your vineyard for a vegetable garden, because it is close to my house, and I will give you another better vineyard than this one; or if it seems better to you, I will pay you its value in money.
3 And Naboth said to Ahab, The LORD save me that I give you the inheritance of my fathers.
4 And Ahab came to his house sad and angry, because of the word that Naboth of Jezreel had answered him, saying: I will not give you the inheritance of my parents. And he lay down on his bed, and turned his face, and did not eat.
5 His wife Jezebel came to him and said, Why is your spirit so low, and you do not eat?
6 He answered: Because I spoke to Naboth of Jezreel, and told him to give me his vineyard for money, or if I wanted more, I would give him another vineyard for it; And he answered: I will not give you my vineyard ...


God is God of order of justice knows everything that is in the heart of man before our thought is in our minds and comes out of our mouths and God knows and what we are to speak therefore no man can deceive or God.

Normally men on earth can lie and deceive each other but God cannot deceive him and he acts according to the acts or actions of men who unjustly hide the truth

I wish you could follow me and read carefully the deep reflection that this message teaches us
The Bible tells us the story of a greedy and capricious king who wanted to seize something that did not belong to him also highlights the cruelty of a woman who had as a partner

In this order of ideas, the story tells us in these verses that there was a sad and angry king who went home and went to bed. He looked like a child who did not want to buy the expensive and sad and angry toy with a terrible condition of the soul troubled and angry he lay down on his bed covered his head with the blanket and he did not want to eat or drink and yet he was not a spoiled child he was a man he was a man with all the beard this man was Ahab king of Israel

Now the question is this: why was Ahab angry? The reason was because that day he had wanted to buy a vineyard and the owner had refused it, the vineyard was very beautiful and loaded with fruits an old farmer belonged to Naboth but King Ahab coveted that vineyard for himself because he wanted it for selfishness and desire to have what others have.
The Bible tells us that this king went directly to the presence of Nabort to demand that he sell the vineyard or that it be exchanged for a larger one. Naboth refused and said: Why am I going to sell you the land that I inherited from my parents? it is mine and it is my right I will not sell it to you for that refusal king Ahab had become sad and angry and had run to his house almost in tears.

When this king arrives at his house he meets his wife Jetzabel who the Bible describes as one of the most sinister characters mentioned in the Bible is an ungodly pagan woman who does not believe in the God of Israel is a cruel cold hearted and implacable woman and she writes a letter that she seals with the king's seal in that letter orders that false witnesses be placed against Naboth and that he be killed and just as Jetzabel wrote so it was done.

After that the woman goes to the king still in her bed and says: get up, be happy Naboht is dead and he can take over his vineyard. King Ahab runs to become master of what he coveted, but Elijah the prophet of God, King Ahab, comes out at the crossroads. The prophet's voice thunders. Did you not kill and have you also stripped? This is how God tells you in the same place where the dogs licked Naboth's blood so they will lick yours.

What does this mean my friend and my friend simply the application of that eternal law taught by the Bible

Galatians 6: 7
7 Do not be deceived; God cannot be mocked: for whatever man sows, that will also be reaped.


God cannot be mocked all that man reaps, that will also reap greed, injustice, the arrogance of Ahab, they lost him and the wicked action of his wife destroyed him simply because God does not tolerate injustice, violence, dispossession, are we in that, loved? ? How we need to repent and amend directions right now and for this only Christ can help us, he alone has full power with his blood, his word and his spirit to free us from all sin and from all evil ,¡ beware of taking advantage of someone weaker!

God cannot tolerate the end of injustice is death but the end of respect and justice is peace harmony and prosperity