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Ephesians 2:10
King James Version
10 For we are his workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for good works, which God prepared beforehand to walk in them.

The word says that we have a purpose in God, in efesion it explains to us that we were created for every good work, we are not here by chance, God has already prepared the works that he has for us, and he did it with the purpose of walking in them. . Therefore, it is not we who prepare the good works, but God who has already prepared them for us. However, we need to walk in them, that is, perform them, do them.

We are like him therefore there is a divine purpose for which we came to earth, we have a responsibility to society to bring the good news of the gospel. The ministry and the service cannot be left aside. To be successful in what we have proposed, we have to get pregnant with that dream, work with excellence and that life revolves around that goal or dream that we have since we were born. to do is to appropriate all truth and know that everything we are as Christians is found “in Christ”. We depend on "Him". We receive our strength "in Him". "By him you are in Christ," says the apostle Paul. By faith, we give ourselves to Christ. He accepts us sinners, just as we are. We have nothing to offer, but He gives us everything.


One thing I have learned is that when we know what we want and have identity in Christ we cannot waste time on things that cause us distraction but put all our energy into the project. God thought something with me, God has something in view with me, like what he has with the world, as he has with each of the men. We have to take a much more respectful attitude towards our life, our ... move, turn around, or stop doing things in order to that I am a project of God, right? And also the people who pass by me; God has a project regarding them, He has a purpose, objectives with that man.


The practice of discerning the Word of God. The Bible invites us not only to discover Christ, but at the same time invites us to conform our person to the Person of Jesus and from this perspective, we discover that each one, being God's personal project, we find ourselves united in a close relationship that is based on the same God in whom we find the reason for our lives.