Parent and Home Management

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“One that ruleth well his own house, having his own children in subjection with gravity” 1 Timothy 3:4

Home is a place where a person lives, especially with his family. Management is act or practical of managing some things. Management includes administration and administrative involvement which includes planning.

To plan is to propose (purpose) to do something, and in planning, we consider the following.
(a) Person involved
(b) things needed
(c) amount of money
(d) time, how to get things and how to use them. Since we are talking about parent and home management, we shall come concentrate on that.

We mention that the home is a place where a person lives especially with his family. Away from the physical building. I think that home is a state of the mind, that place or feeling that you are safe. Little wonder people say that there's no place as sweet as home. Believe me speaking from the girl's point of view, I can say that the house is not that home but people that lives in the home.

That is the more reason some men cannot return to their houses. They prefer to go have fun and drink to stupor with their friends because they do not like their home - the wife who may be a nagging one.

So where is the home? I want to leave you with thoughts of that.

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