I am Peace, in need of God's Peace.

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Last night I couldn't sleep because of the hot weather that made the house kinda hot. I went outside my room to seat by the lobby with my phone to keep myself busy since sleep was quite far off from me.

I was fiddling with my phone when the thought of the voice of a caller to a late night radio show regurgitate from my brain making me quote her word for word. She called to give her own take and answer to the radio presenter who asked what she'd need in her marriage. She said "I don't need any other thing in my marriage like peace of mind, I just need a peaceful home."

I am here, my name is Peace the daughter of Jeremiah. I smile foolishly. But I am in a way not wrong because I am Peace which is the thing she needs in her marriage; Isn't it? Before I draw a quick conclusion. Yeah ,she needs peace in her marriage but it is certainly not the one I bare as name.

Those thoughts caused me to ponder for a while about what she really meant when saying she needs peace. Could it be that she needs a husband that is calm and respects her feelings? Or could she need a husband who would be a "yes-yes" husband to all her requests including the ones that are very far from the word of God? May be she just needs a man who will make the marriage heaven on earth by giving her everything she'd ever ask for in a beak and call I thought.

But who and which man can give her such things? Is there any? Who would not have his opinion being considered in the marriage and who would have the capacity to satisfy ALL his wife's needs because he wants to give her peace - a request she made in a radio show? Is or was there such a man, I queried my heart.

My mind gave me a spontaneous response that such a man did not exist and will not. So what would she do if she gets into the marriage to realize that what she asked for cannot be given her by the husband or the marriage? I imagine that she'll be so disappointed.

Now let's face reality

What the young Lady needed was not peace but the owner of peace. Yeah, she need an understanding that there's a limitation to what peace the world could offer but there is more to what God kind of PEACE because such has no limitation and it is all enduring.

The Scriptures states in John 14:27

“I am leaving you with a gift—peace of mind and heart. And the peace I give is a gift the world cannot give. So don’t be troubled or afraid. NLT

I have to confess that I love the way that the New Living Translation put that verse. Truth be told that Lady needs this kind of peace and not the one that her brain is assuming that her would be husband would give.

And how can she have the peace if she doesn't know who gives the gift (PEACE) other version says "My peace, I give to you...." This woman needs Christ who offers this gift and not a husband. Know why, once she has Jesus, she's got everything.

So in the wallowing of my thought, I said to myself Peace Jeremiah, you don't need you name least the man that I would marry in future should get confused and misled with my name to be synonymous to me being peaceful. I said to myself that I needed Jesus and the PEACE He has more than my name.

It is with this reality that I want to admonish you beloved brethren to take up this challenge to look beyond what we think we have to offer in our marriage and depend and rest on what Jesus has for us in our marriages. I have seen best cooks divorce after marriage. I have seen working class homes fall apart, I have seen educated couples fight and file for divorce.

I therefor pray God to help me out and make me the real peace that my husband and myself need. I pray God to help me complement my husband and be the answer to the prayers that he may have been praying or is praying for right now.


Truly I am Peace but I am graving after HIS PEACE.

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