Blessed are the Merciful that practice mercies in the life.

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Dearly beloved, let us ponder on these few questions.
1.When last did you show mercy to follow man or woman?
2.Do you reward evil for evil?
3._When was the last time you surprised someone with a cutesy visit, gift, apologies, or assistance?

It may take a while for some of us including myself, to fine earnest answers to these questions. This is so because it is not really in the human nature to do so. Pause.... Go back and read that.

The Bible says that the heart of a man is desperately wicked and full of evil, so now you'd agree with me that its not really our making or default nature for us to be merciful to others.

Need I tell you that the foundation for favour is mercy and mercy too produces merciful. Who then is a merciful person you would ask?
Well, I could say that a merciful person is a person or someone who gifted to showing mercy to people who do not really deserve it. Take note of the word gifted. Showing mercy requires the grace of God.

A merciful person shows mercy or kindness to people no matter who they are. They are the people who can forgive the most unforgiving person. You know in the society that we live in there are lot of friends who remain friends not because they are naturally knitted to each other, but rather because they have some gains in such friendship or relationship. As such, those people do not have a second thought continuing or hanging to the relationship when they know that the relationship is not gonna profit them as before.

Like I had said earlier, a merciful person is someone who would forgive the most unforgiving person, and the Scripture has proven that such people would always obtain mercy in return.

We ought to learn to be merciful and kind to people irrespective of their political, social, educational or religious background/status. Try your best also to be generous with forgiveness, because God could not have asked us to forgive if it was impossible to do so and if He Himself failed in leading by example as a forgiving God.

We really ought to give people more than they deserve and always carry pleasant surprises for the least of us in our family, community or society. Do not be merciful/kind only to people that you stand a chance to getting a feedback from them.

I think that sometimes, we need to put ourselves in others shoes for at least a day, that would help give us a better understanding of what comfort or stress those have been enduring for years. Yes, you may need to read that again and try it out too.

Finally, I would please admonish you that you should try being kind to someone out there. I know that it may not be easy but it's not gonna be a nice experience if you refuse because that would amount to disobeying God's word contained in the beatitude(s).

I am Peace Jeremiah @peej,

Wishing you a great day ahead. Thank you for reading my post.

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