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Wisdom through the Bible is said to be the principal thing. This implies that it should be one of the things every Christian man or woman should seek for so as to be a compass to direct them.
However, some people do not allow wisdom to direct them.


Yeah you may be quick to say that wisdom is not everything. Well, I wouldn't argue with you because truly, there are people who are wise but sometimes act funny or foolish. That's why we need to ask for God to guide our desires if not it may lead us astray.
If you want to go through the memory lane,you'd realize that it was the non contentment of the first man and woman that made them to fall. The devil simply told her by way of deceit that if she eats of the fruit of knowledge of good and evil? she she would be wise. If only she was content with what God has or had given her I mean the wisdom of God, then she would not have opt for what was not right or came from God.

Guess there's an African proverb that should help you know what exactly I mean. it goes thus: A man should be humble when has nothing and should be grateful when he has much.
Earnestly, some people are often times at risk of being tempted to fall or backslide when they get blessed by God. As such we've got to be very careful. That should be why the Bible says that...

we should remember God with our tithes and offerings for He is the one that empowers us to make wealth.

Solomon prayed God for wisdom which God of course granted his request. However, Solomon soon became famous and he forgot the covenant he had with Him by chasing after foreign women who brought in strange God's to the land.


As believers, we need to take caution and plead the Holy Spirit to help us to be content least our desires borne out of wisdom i.e knowing too much should affect us.

Thank you for your time.

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