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Greetings friends of the HeartChurch community. It is an honor to be part of this beautiful family. Today is my first presentation in the challenge of week 1 and I want to share a little about some values ​​of the HeartChurch International Ministry, I want to make it clear that I obtained this information by studying through the ministry website where there is enough information to document everything we would like to learn about HeartChurch.

Official website:

First of all, I want to emphasize that I have been an active member of this community for 2 years and have been able to actively participate in this ministry with the apostle @darlenys01 in the organization of community projects that were carried out in the city of Cantaura. where I live. On that occasion I worked repairing the sports field of a school where the HeartChurch Ministry (Steemchurch) collaborated in the repair and painting of the field. Similarly, we work on a recreational activity for children's day.

What I want to emphasize with this is that the HeartChurch Ministry is a very dynamic community and executor of social projects. In this ministry we can find relevant values ​​such as solidarity, love and knowledge.

Solidarity is a fundamental value in life and it is shaking hands with the most disadvantaged. This leads me to reflect that in the community where we hold the Children's Day event, it is a community of many hardships, there are many children with food and education problems. At that time, the HeartChurch ministry was very supportive of children, motivating them with recreational and sweet activities. He also collaborated with the sports field that was badly damaged.

Solidarity is accompanied by love. Without love it is impossible to reach out to those who need it. On that occasion, the apostle @darlenys01 and her team showed a lot of affection and love with the children of the community who enjoyed the recreational activity planned by the HeartChurch International Ministry.

When we talk about a shield of values, we are talking about the principles that make an organization solid. We can say that HeartChurch is a solid and well-founded community on the rock, which is Christ.

I present to you a summary of the core values ​​of HeartChurch that you can locate on their website.


Go to website HeartChurch is made up of a team of professionals with Christian values ​​destined to satisfy physical and spiritual needs through knowledge, solidarity and love.

Its fundamental values ​​are:
• Provide spiritual and moral guidance within the blockchain.
• Fight for freedom in life and against oppression and slavery.
• Guarantee freedom and basic human rights for all humanity.
• To celebrate mother, father, children, and family!
• Grow supportive faith communities and build effective Christian leaders.
• To give the best of ourselves as our gift to God.


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