Sharing my devotional: So will also be the coming of the Son of Man.

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Because as the lightning that comes from the east and shows up to the west, so will be the coming of the Son of Man.
Matthew 24:27 King James Version (RVR1960)

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In these days of collective quarantine, I have been asking myself a lot about the “Coming of Christ”. We all live with great expectation about the problem of the “Coronavirus”, however, the most important issue of these terrible days that we have been living, must focus on the coming of the Son of God.

The biblical portion read says that as lightning flashes from east to west, in the same way Christ will manifest Himself at His second coming to earth. Every eye will see you from one end of the sky to the other end.

His coming will be like that of a thief in the night, no one waits for a thief when he is going to steal. So surprising will be the coming of Christ. It could be on pandemic days or on days when the pandemic passes. It does not matter the circumstance that we may be living, what is certain is that it will come and be like the lightning that will appear in all the heavens to place its feet on the mount of olives and bring the judgments that the word that there will be for those days.

The Christian people will not see this event because before Christ shows himself to all mankind from one end of heaven to the other, the rapture event will have occurred first.

In a friendly way, whether we are quarantined or out of quarantine, the coming of Christ is a biblical event that is prophesied and will take place at the time appointed by the Lord.