Life Lesson: Glorious Day Congratulations to my natural and spiritual family!

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Today we celebrate the international day of the family, that is why I want to congratulate above all my blood family (wife, children, grandchildren and parents), as well as my family in Christ, with whom I also share special moments of worship to God.

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A great recognition to the family that forms the HeartChurch International Ministry. It is beautiful to remember that we started with the name Steemchurch first and now HeartChurch. We are a brilliant family that works as a team and that at important moments we are there to shake hands with those most in need.

With this beautiful HeartChurch (Steemchurch) ministry we carry out important events in my city of Cantaura, for this reason I must give credit on this special and beautiful day. To our family of heartchurch international ministry. Congratulations and let's keep moving forward in the middle of the pandemic days.

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@oscar20 The family is the foundation of all society, so our HeartChurch community gives us encouragement so that as one family we bring blessings to our families and brothers. God bless your family abundantly.

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