God expects us to invoke him so we have an answer

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No one can expect anything from God if he does not ask for it. God always expects us to call upon Him to respond to situations in our lives.

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He will call me and I will answer him;
With him I will be distressed;
I will release and glorify him.
Psalms 91:15 King James Version (RVR1960)

Why don't we have what we want? Because we don't ask for it. The word says: "He will call me and I will answer him." God speaks to us in a very simple way, he tells us to invoke him, to seek his face, whether at dawn, in the afternoon or at night, in any circumstance of life, to give us what we ask of him.

The key to receiving something from God is simply asking Him, according to His will.

The Lord Jesus once said to his disciples: "They do not receive, because they do not ask." There are people who wait for problems or difficult moments to invoke God. The word is very clear, we must ask God at all times, good or bad. God will hear our cry and be with us in times of trouble and in times of peace. When we call on his name, the Lord says he will deliver us from our adversaries and show us the glory of his power that is with us.

Remember, dear reader, that the key to receiving something from God is to invoke precisely the name of Jesus, so that the power of heaven is activated in your favor.