Challenge of the fourth week: "The church at home"

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It is a great challenge to have abandoned the comforts of the four walls of the local church to carry out work of interest with the community and closest friends in what we call “The church at home”.

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In the times when everything worked normally, we used to gather in the local church and adore our God with many comforts and there we could share very pleasant moments with our brothers and friends who we invited to the services. However, the emergency problem with the "Coronavirus" changed everything.

We leave the services of the local church with its moments of sharing with the brothers to carry out services in our own homes and with the neighbors closest to us.

I still remember those pleasant moments of sharing with brothers and friends in the local church. They are unforgettable moments and we hope to do it again soon.

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I also remember when, together with my wife @carmentita and other brothers, we distributed food to the children of the community.


However, our work to serve God does not stop and recently together with other brothers from the HeartChurch Ministry and the local church, we agreed to organize the “Family Altar”. The first activity was carried out in my house with the support of our brother @elpastor, who encouraged us to give continuity to the services of the "Church at Home". It is an important way to serve and worship God. In this activity we invited some friends from the community and everything was successful. For this Sunday, the 21st Father's Day, we have another “Family Altar” activity and we are going to do it at my house.


We know that we must do things with great caution because the quarantine of the pandemic is still going on. In this way, I invite all members of the HeartChurch Ministry not to faint and let us continue to advance in order to continue conquering souls for the kingdom of heaven.