Happy birthday to the great teacher and writer @olawalium

in HeartChurch2 months ago


I know a teacher that is born with teaching skills

There is a writer that his writing skills is just natural

I know it all through his teachings and writings

All that I know how to write is from his teachings

The poem, the write ups, the stories is from his teachings

Should there be a king of writers? It should be him!

I am not a hungery nigeria youth all because of his teachings

Being a steemian, a hivean and others is through his teachings

I know a kind writer that do write and motivates through his writings

@olawalium is the great writer that teaches what life really is through his writings


Writing skills that I am being pay with is through @olawalium teachings

Think and write a good posts and comments is a skill I learn through @olawalium teachings

20th of October is the birthday of the great writer @olawalium


Opeyemi, my person. Thank you so much. God bless your days.


Thank you once again, brother.