Evil thought 😈

in HeartChurch β€’ last month

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Take away evil 😈 thoughts πŸ’­ from your thinking because no matter what you do, you need positive thoughts

Evil thoughts would never let it be right and it would never let you think right

Think straight and right, because it is only you can do it, nobody can do your thinking for you

Best time to think is when you are young especially when things seems not fair

The millionaires today think and they had good thoughts when they think πŸ€” but the good thoughts comes in only positive thoughts πŸ’­

I think, you think but is it positive?

Don't ever think someone is the cause of your problem

Don't blame anyone for your mistake so far it's Yours

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I would respectfully disagree because conformity of any kind will likely reduce your sensory awareness.

Then shun them