You cannot save yourself

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Proverbs 14:12; There is away which seems right unto a man, bu the end thereof are the ways of death.

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Naturally we have the instinct of doing things ourselves, getting the job done, trusting less and relying upon oneself. This is particularly conspicuous in the life of Men, both Christian and Non-Christian Men alike.

But there some things that we just cannot do and one of those things is saving ourselves. Emancipating ourselves from sin and giving ourselves salvation. Yes, it may probably be true that the Lord helps those who help themselves but salvation has already been done with for you.

So stop stressing, stop trying to prove yourself worthy of been saved, the price has already been saved. Whiles this path of trying to emancipate yourself may seem right to you, you definitely off-track, instead focus on strengthening the Kingdom of God and making disciples of all nations that they may come to know the Gospel and see the Glory of the Lord.



Only God saves.

Indeed, thanks for passing through Bro