He Knows

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Matthew 10:29-31; Two sparrows sell for a coin of small value, do the not? Yet still one of them shall fall to the ground without you Father’s no how. But even the head hairs are all numbered. So do not fear for you are worth more than many sparrows.


Many if not all will agree that the year has not been an easy one at all, a lot of unexepected happenings, a lot of misfortunes, many losing their lives, others losing their livelihood, their jobs, their finances coming crash landing, infections, diseases, displacement and a whole lot. Not that these do not happen in a normal year but this year has just been more than ordinary.

And so when things happen like that we tempted to ask God if he is really in the know of all the things happening to us. If he truly sees our sorrow and sadness in our hearts. If he is truly alive and is the God we serve. Why then is he allowing all this to happen to his people, why is the good also dying with the bad?

This brings us to the question that the disciples as about the blindman, that whose sinned caused him his sight? Is it the Mum or the Dad and the Lord replied that it is for the Glory of the Lord to shine. So trust in Lord and do not waver in faith, for the Lord has a reason for everything that happens to us, he knows the end from the beginning and knows what is best for us in as much as we are to pray for what we want.

So when you are feeling overwhelmed, go to the Lord in prayers and wait on him and trust that he knows and will neither leave nor forsake thee. Have a Blessed Sunday.



Yes, yes, yes He Know all.
He is almighty and eternal, he can do everything and is present in everything and everything.
Nothing is hidden from him and from him we cannot flee or hide.
Every day he weighs our hearts and even discerns intentions

Indeed, thanks for reading and for your beautiful words too. Stay safe and have great week