Genuine faith

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James 2:26 "for as the body without the spirit is dead, so faith without works is dead."

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Nothing hurts the body of Christ more than a believer who refuses to exercise his faith in the infinite power of God.
Faith must work, it must produce and it must be made visible to others. Faith must be genuine to inspire and energize the power, mercy and love of God. Verbal faith is not enough and mental faith is insufficient.
Having a dead faith is worse than the absence of faith, James integrates true faith and practical everyday experience, stressing that true faith must manifest itself in works of faith. Otherwise it is not true or genuine faith.
Genuine faith endures trials, the believer faces them fearlessly, and develops perseverance in the process.
Genuine faith enables us to continue to wait patiently for the Lord's blindfold, even when trials cause us grief.