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Many times people are afraid to share their opinions and manifest themselves as they are for fear of being rejected, I have often lived it because there are many groups of people who only dedicate themselves to murmuring and criticizing others, God is the only one who does not this, He did not put aside anyone.

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Psalms 51:17

"17 God's sacrifices are the broken spirit;
You will not despise the contrite and humiliated heart, oh God."

God does not reject any person, on the contrary he is always with open arms to give us Love, so much so that he gave his son Jesus Christ to die for us.

If at any time you have felt rejected and despised, approach GOD who does not reject a humbled heart, He is the most important in the world and many reject him.


Sure, God does not despise a heart that is broken in repentance. That shows that we admit our fault as well as see our mistakes and regret the mistakes. As such, any sinner (child of God) that is broken would always attract God's attention. We need to be broken when we go astray so as to be forgiven.
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