Take comfort in the truth that God is present always and everywhere

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Where can I go from your Spirit?
And where will I flee from your presence? Psalm 139: 7

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Some attribute of God is his omnipresence. God can be everywhere at the same time and in the heart of every believer.

David is aware that God is everywhere and that is why he asks himself, Where can I go from your Spirit?

Internalizing in our hearts that God is present everywhere should lead us to remain in constant fear of our God, because this implies that God both hears and sees the things we do and speak. Nothing is hidden from God, because his omnipresence makes him be present everywhere.

God, right now he is with me and with you, dear reader, as I write these lines, God is with me and while you read, God is by your side. No one can escape the presence of God. His Spirit travels all over the earth and is present in every place and every nation.

How to flee from the presence of God? Completely impossible, even if you try to hide on the moon, there is God, and if you seek to submerge in a submarine in the depths of the sea, there is God and if you intend to drill the depths of the earth and look for a hiding place, there is God .

We can neither escape nor flee from the presence of God, because it occupies every place on earth and outside of it. We must console ourselves in the truth, that God is always present everywhere and live under his fear and doing his perfect will.


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