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God cares for and guides his people from the ancestors and to date, it is important to follow this example so that the new generations can know many things lived and can continue on the right path, the path of God, the best strategy always used by our God. It was through examples or parables that it was very easy to transmit a positive, comfortable, friendly and pleasant message adapted to reality for a better understanding of them.

As Psalms says 78: 1- 4

“1 O my people, listen to my teachings;
open your ears to what I say,
2 because I will speak to you by means of a parable.
I will teach you hidden lessons from our past,
3 stories that we have heard and known,
that our ancestors transmitted to us.
4 We will not hide these truths from our children;
we will tell the next generation
of the glorious works of the Lord,
of its power and its impressive wonders.”

It is super important to transmit these three things to our children and grandchildren:

1- The power of God.
2- The great actions of God.
3- The wonders that God can perform.

Acquiring the knowledge of these three things will allow your Faith to be strengthened, and this pleases God, it is of no use just knowing him we must share the good news of salvation and extend his glory to the entire world, multiply ourselves like grains of sand from the sea, like the stars, that it is always heard at every moment and at all times.

God bless you all and let's put into practice sharing with our children, grandchildren and all of God's power, His greatness and the great wonders that He can do.

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