The abundance of good in us!

in HeartChurch8 months ago


2 Peter 1: 8
For if these things are in you, and abound, they will not leave you idle or fruitless in the knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ.

The verse tells us that if these things are and abound in us, we will not be idle, nor will we be unfruitful people, but what do you mean by these things? Very easy, there he is talking to us about everything good, love, forgiveness, justice, joy, humility and all the good fruits that we can give and that the Lord asks us to keep in mind in our day to day.

If we want to conquer souls for the Lord, we must show that we do serve him from the heart and that we are disposed to change the bad, to please Heavenly Father, we have to learn that before giving to others, we have to know what we have we, that is, before giving love I have to be sure that I can show love, because it is worthless to give something that I do not possess.

Let us examine before doing, saying or giving something, if we are children of God our priority is to clean ourselves daily in his word and preserve all the good that the Lord gives us, in addition to trying to cultivate in us all the components of the fruit of the Spirit, which will give a stronger and more lasting connection to the Father!