A promise of comfort!

Deuteronomy 33:12 "To Benjamin he said:
Jehovah's beloved will dwell safely near him;
Will always cover it,
And between his shoulders it will dwell."

How nice it is to see the Lord fulfill his roles as friend, brother, doctor, lawyer and above all Father, he is willing to listen to us, support us and give us a shoulder to cry on, and thus he can comfort us, we must trust his promises , and believe, if the Lord tells us that dwelling with him will bring us comfort and peace, we must believe it, for he keeps his promises.


The Father keeps us, out of love he is willing to listen to us and forgive us, we are his loved ones and therefore we can confidently dwell near him, because a thousand and ten thousand may fall at our right hand, but no one will touch us! There is no need to fear! God will be with us everywhere and at all times!