5 things Abraham did for the promise of God.

in HeartChurchlast month

Went to church today and wanna share with you what I learnt. Father Abraham is one man Christians all over the world look up to when it comes to faith and perseverance. He’s promised to be the father of many nations and at that time he was childless.


  1. He believed the God who called the things that are not as if they were. He believed God can give him a child. Romans 4:17
  2. He continued to hope contrary to hope. He had hope even though everything around him was hopeless. Romans 4:18
  3. He believed in spite of the reality. Romans 4:19
  4. He believed without staggering in faith. It took awhile for the promise to be fulfilled but he didn’t loose faith. Romans 4:20
  5. He believed God to be able to perform what he has promised. He was old but still believed the promise of God concerning his life will come to pass. Romans 4:21

That’s what I learnt and wanna share with y’all. You can ask any questions if you have.


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