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Psalm 92:12 The uncompromisingly righteous shall flourish like the palm tree, be long-lived, stately upright, useful and fruitful; they shall grow like a cedar in Lebanon.

In our world today, in the 21st Century holding steadfast as a Christian uncompromised and incorruptible may prove a formidable challenge, however this not so difficult to achieve nor is it an unattainable feat.

Where our treasure is, is where our heart will be and when you heart is at the right place, you do the right things without letting yourself be swayed. In the same vain, when we as Christians have our minds and heart to the tasks and build our treasures in heaven, we will not be swayed by the world to compromise on our ways as directed by the scriptures.

Now hear is an even more good news, when we do right by the Lord and remain steadfast in his Grace, Glory and salvation, we will be fruitful, we will be successful and we will grow. All that is required of us is obedience to the Will of God. Just as Abraham’s faith was counted to him as righteous, let us believe and hold on our faith and we shall surely receive the Blessings of the Lord.