Devotional: Pray that you will be released from the disobedience and stubbornness that prevent the hand of God from offering you spiritual victory

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Oh, if my people had listened to me, if Israel had walked in my ways!
14 In a moment I would have struck down their enemies, And turned my hand against their adversaries. 15 Those who hate Jehovah would have submitted to him, and their time would be forever. 16 God would sustain them with the best of the wheat, And with honey from the rock he would satisfy them. Psalm 81: 13-16 King James Version (KJV)

Why are we not blessed in the special way that God establishes in his word? Quite simply, because we let negative internal influences lead us to disobey what God tells us to do in a specific situation.

The failure of God's people (Israel) was based on disobeying what the Lord commanded them to do in his word. The stubbornness of the people of Israel and their disobedience, led them to suffer the harshest and most painful consequences of their lives.

Israel, experienced the suffering of captivity in Babylon. God had commanded them to have no other gods and to be careful with idolatry, yet Israel disobeyed and became so stubborn that they ended up turning their back on God and acting on their own opinion.

The price of disobedience led them to pay very painfully, bloodshed, when King Nebuchadnezzar besieged them and then invaded them, destroying the cities of Israel and the walls of the city of Jerusalem along with the temple of God.

These consequences of disobedience lead us to understand that whenever we ignore God's word, we will bear the consequences of our stubbornness.

If the people of Israel had listened carefully to the word of God, the Lord would have delivered them from the hands of their enemies and would have sustained them with the best of wheat.

It is sad and unfortunate that we have to suffer the dire consequences of our mistakes, when the very word of God guarantees that if we obey God, the Lord will be in charge of blessing our family, our barn, our exit and our entrance. . and God will fight against all our enemies and give us all the land that we step on with the soles of our feet.

It is the time to pray to God to free us from all rebellion, disobedience and stubbornness so that we can count on the powerful hand of God to bless us and give us victory in the different scenarios of crisis and disease.

Do not forget, dear reader, that stronger than any external opposition can be the negative influences that nest in our hearts.

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