Like a Palm Tree...

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The Palm Tree is a very special plant which appears as an emblem of moral rectitude and beauty of character. It is one plant that can prosper even in the harshest of conditions. caribbean1822544__480.jpg
It's no wonder God promised to make you flourish like the Palm Tree.

What does "to flourish like a Palm Tree mean?"


According to Psalm 92:12, God promised to make you flourish like the Palm Tree and that means like the Cedar tree of Lebanon (both used in the same verse), the palm tree has a special emblem that spells "character" which makes it a perfect reference in the life of a child of God.

About the Palm Tree.

The Palm Tree with botanical name, "Arecaceae" are a family of perennial flowering plants in the monocot order.- Read about it here so I don't bore you with some very plenty words.

My pick for the palm tree is that, apart from being a source of lots of food, it has a bounce back mechanism that allows it withstand even the toughest of storms without breaking.
Did you know that...

in the ancient Near East and Mediterranean world, "the palm branch is a symbol of victory, triumph, peace, and eternal life?"

The palm tree bends and lowers itself to the ground in the weirdest of manner to escape being uprooted during a storm and also, picks itself up after the storm to keep it's head up high.
It has an inbuilt elasticity that allows it not break like a twig but position itself to handle the situation as it appears.

The palm tree grows in very weird and funny ways most of the time.
I am sure you must have seen a palm tree that looks like a Camel or one that looked like an upright zig zag line.
Well, part of the ability of the plant is to be able to manoeuvre it's way from the dark into the light.
Unlike other plants, the palm tree can break out from any covering to locate and utilize the light it needs for growth. It is resilient and never stops growing.
For a plant that lives for up to 100 years, it is no wonder God promised to make you flourish like it.

You and the Palm Tree.

The world is harsh and there are lots of things that work against us making it impossible for us to win easily. Many give up at the mention of a storm and many dire at the hit of the first storm they will ever see.
The palm tree never gets bothered by the storms no matter how fanciful their names are.palmtrees4069748__480.jpg
They are tough and withstand the storms and winds and come out winning.

You should form your character in line with the Palm Tree. Don't go fainting because you hear there is an incoming storm. Like the Palm Tree, withstand the storm and don't allow it break you.

You may ask if it is easy? Well, I am sure it is because of it wasn't, God won't promise to make you "flourish like a Palm Tree".

No matter how hard it may seem right now, be tough and strong. There is not breaking the palm tree no matter what the situation is and you should be that sturdy and flexible to overcome.

God's word never fails and His mercies endures forever.
Flourishing like a Palm Tree is what God intends for you so that while yet flourishing, you will be strong enough to overcome the challenges that accompanies the blessings.

Don't faint and don't break, you are created with a bounce back mechanism that allows you to pick yourself up everytime you fall.
Don't just pick yourself up after a fail, get into running and you will overtake the issues waiting ahead.

Bend all you like during the storm, but never ever break.

God promised and He will keep His promise because, He is too faithful to fail.

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