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Blessings, Hive community

In these last days I have made a call to all the people who write in our community, basically an invitation to be an active member in this international Christian movement that has started, based on the premise that there is no community without work.


We have shared many experiences and also carried out important work during these two years, but in the case that corresponds to the position of a church we have to focus on our vision. If at this moment I asked what brought them here, most of them will undoubtedly To say that for money, which is acceptable, we know that without finances we cannot develop projects, help others and even obtain well-being for our family.

We have only one weapon against depravity that exists today: the weapon of the Spirit, which is constructive work carried out in the communion of love. We do not recognize sentimental love, love without work. Nor do we recognize dedication to practical work if it fails daily to demonstrate a sincere relationship between those who work together, a relationship that comes from the Spirit. Love of work, like the work of love, is a matter of the Spirit. The love that comes from the Spirit is work.
Eberhard Arnold

Henceforth we cannot come to plunder a community, obtain money without an attitude of responsibility towards it, and even more so if we are Christians, the common good must be our priority. We must live in community because God wants us to respond to the yearnings little Clear of our time with a clear answer of faith. In other words, you cannot demand from all your capacity for personal benefit, the moment has come for each one of us to give value to what God has given us.

Then the questions arise, how can I be a member of HeartChurch?

Be an active, responsible participant who supports and adds value to your community, contributing your constant work to achieve the vision.Our community is a Christian community based on the teachings of Jesus.The unit is one of the most important issues, it is necessary that, if someone comes alone for late money or will not leave without having done any work for the benefit of others, remember that obedience to the vision of promoting financial freedom works in synergy for this to be achieved in entire communities, through individual skills.

The church cannot identify with a specific group or organization, but it exists; lives and is reduced to a humble search for people.
J. Heinrich Arnold

We who have had to serve as a guide to carry out a life project can not avoid such responsibility in leaving the people around us comfortable without learning to serve, service is the engine for the life of a community.


1.-Get involved. For a community to thrive, its members have to do things together.

2.-Be an example for others. Take charge of the new person and show them, with your actions, the values ​​of your community. Responsibility implies acting, not saying.

3.-Assume responsibilities. When you see a situation that weakens the integrity of your community, take steps to change it.

4.-Do volunteer work. Have your time for a greater benefit of the community. Find ways to help your other members. Match your talents to the needs of the community and offer freely.

Summarizing in a sentence what you do, how you do it and what for and for whom you do it, will help you become aware of what is really important and makes sense to you. We all have life projects, you can develop your ideas here to stop growth of our community.
Soon at the launch of our landing page we will have tasks to do in promoting and activating this site.

If the progress of the community has been lost in recent months, check the community's blogs or consult our telegram channel for questions and concerns.

The selection of members will be made according to the support and development in the community.

Brand communities have the ability to produce persuasive communication, with community users themselves being able to become brand apostles among their acquaintances (McAlexander, 2002).

we here are some tips to encourage HeartChurch participation.

  • Choose some post, read it and comment on those that are of quality, interesting or that generate some benefit.

  • Do not forget to follow, comment on the posts of the official accounts and comment to know that you are aware of the update.

  • You can open instagram or twitter to follow the church accounts.

  • Do not use past images of the church, use the logos that represent our ministry today.

  • Help or present a member who is not aware of their journey, do not forget to explain Heart, Telos, Goldenceser and our vision.

  • When you comment on twitter, put the links in the comments, that will help us know that they are involved in promoting the community.

  • Be an example, a testimony of what God has done in your life and reflect it through the scriptures, be original.

  • Take a walk on the general platform, collect important information and share it with the community.

  • Prepare your project or HeartHouse where you intend to be an ambassador, these blogs will have a better weighting, because this is our essence to reach homes in a real way.

I share our twitter, I hope to see you active, in this new time.


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Excellent @darlenys, thanks for wisely summarizing the vision of our community. DTB

I think the picture is becoming clearer. Building on it the way forward. Thank you sister.

I remember asking on your some time post how members were to support, it's clearer with this words. Aside information passed, one thing i also engage doing is prayers that men may catch the vision of this community. I tweeted about @heartchurch already hoping many people come across it and also catch the vision.

Thank you Mother @Darlenys01 for this solid read. Well explained in the simplest of terms. Sharing in this love shared in our community demands individual involvement, exemplary living, taking responsibility and volunteering. We own the community and we have to keep it.

There is a whole lot to be done to revive the church and community. So help us God.

This is so powerful it has really enlightened me in so many things, and I Have seen some areas I need to really improve on, I pray God helps me, thanks so much our mother in Israel Ma @darlenys01 for sharing this, it will put many of track once again, me inclusive😀

Much love💞💞💞.

i love this because i have been looking for a christian community now that i have found one, i ma so glad.

Thanks you very much @darlenys01 for this information.being of one mind and working together will take us to greater heights. Thank you once again. I will be more involved in the activities of the church. Am glad to be here

Beloved @darlenys01, thank you so much for sharing these TIPS regarding our HeartChurch vision that certainly give strength and attachment to everyone in the community. With the Lord's blessings spreading to the world, our witness will give hope to many people in these dark times when the light of Christ shines for the nations. Amen.

Thank you for taking time to update and explain things well for the community members. This should lead us to making better posts and engaging more as we ought to do learning alongside and drawing nearer to God

Very well written and well understood. Seeking the kingdom would have all others been added unto us.

Thanks for clarifying all the possible questions I could have asked. Probably tonight, I'll publish my application to be a member of the community.
Christ is my life. I don't want what I'll do without Him. And fellowship with people who share the same faith is paramount. Either online or offline.

So far, I've been sharing a verse of Scripture daily alongside some exhortation. I've never really gotten comments on my posts, but I hope it reaches out to people.
I wouldn't lie, aside from official publications like this one, I haven't really checked out the posts of other members. Most times, after sharing my daily dose of Scripture, I'm left with a low battery so I just go off. But then I'll improve on my interaction with other people in the community.