A Woman Who Walks In The Supernatural Is Unstoppable.

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Happy day Hive Community:

Which is what makes a woman unstoppable, in this world, in this land of so many obstacles and sufferings, even so, they pass any storm and build their houses, the answer is as simple as they walk hand in hand with the creator.


The bible has so many examples of women full of faith, able to walk in the supernatural, I bring to mind, Esther, Maria, Deborah, but there is one that marked the story, Jesus himself said that he had not found faith like this in everything Israel, how exciting it is that the creator of the universe finds faith in us, in our hearts.

Canaanite woman's faith
(Mr. 7.24-30)
21 When Jesus left there, he went to the region of Tire and Sidon.
22 And behold, a Canaanite woman who had come out of that region was crying out, saying: Lord, Son of David, have mercy on me! My daughter is seriously tormented by a demon.
23 But Jesus did not answer him a word. Then his disciples came to him, and begged him, saying, Dismiss her, for she cries after us.
24 He answered and said, I am not sent but to the lost sheep of the house of Israel.
25 Then she came and fell down before him, saying: Lord, help me!
26 And he answered and said, It is not well to take the children's bread, and cast it to the dogs.
27 And she said: Yes, Lord; but even the little dogs eat from the crumbs that fall from the table of their masters.
28 And Jesus answering said, O woman, great is your faith; be done with you as you want. And her daughter was healed since then.

This woman shows us two things, the unlimited love of a mother, and faith in the son of God, notice that first, the disciples of Jesus tell her to dismiss her, and she desperately cries out and says: help me, however the teacher responds in an unconventional way, even so this woman decides to snatch her miracle.

All she asked for was a crumb, she knew that only that would be enough to change the situation in her house and restore her family, how much faith. oh I ask the Lord to increase my faith to such an extent that the violence in heaven is evident that the flatteries are unencumbered and fall into my hands. I have learned that everything is already given, and that there is a Kairos time that is the spiritual world and a chronic time that is the earthly, there are women who know that in the kairos there is blessing and miracles and with faith they can be brought to the chrono or natural time.

The most tremendous thing about this story is that she knew who Jesus was, she knew that what she asked for was something insignificant for the giver of life, she was not offended by the words of Jesus, on the contrary she firmly replied that it did not matter, that a little bit, what nobody wants, with that is enough.

Today I come to tell many women that their history is going to change, with just a glance of faith, we must be accelerated women in the times, say to the King at this hour: Help me, and the author and finisher of the faith will listen to you -Worship him.

When a woman determines in her heart to do something and receive from God, she does not accept no! in response, but instead walks in the supernatural power of God and snatches away what he is looking for, for some reason the word says that the kingdom of heaven suffers violence and only the violent snatch it away.His success was the triumph of faith.
GOT THE BLESSING I NEEDED. "Be done to yourself as you want" (Mt. 15:28). Your "Lord, help me" receives in response his offer of omnipotent fulfillment. Faith may be tested, but it will not be disappointed. Although He is late, wait. She knew his name, and trusted him, and he did not forsake her (Ps. 9:10). 2.
For that faith, God honored her and told her to do as you want, so today is a good day to do what you want, activate the faith and declare the blessing for your house.

Woman you are unstoppable, walk in the supernatural !!






Brillante y hermosa pieza Darlenys, la fe hace lo imposible, y las mujeres de este tiempo son las que van alcanzar lo que nadie se ha atrevido hacer, es alentador como tu, imparable.

Darlenys for you haven't obstacles.

Great words @darlenys01. This is a motivating and inspiring one for me. Thank you for this message.