Word of encouragement: God does good to all who think of the poor

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Jesus said that we will always have the poor with us. The important thing is to recognize that the poor need a helping hand. Best of all, knowing that everyone who helps a poor man, God promises to deliver him from the bad day.

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1 Blessed is he who thinks of the poor; On the evil day Jehovah will deliver him. 2 Jehovah will keep him and give him life; He will be blessed on earth, and you will not give him over to the will of his enemies. Psalms 41: 1-2 New King James Version (NKJV)

The poor are people with material deficiencies. They are people who due to life circumstances have many needs that may include food, clothing, footwear, housing and other relevant aspects of their needs.

In all the countries of the world you will find that in their main cities, there are people who roam asking for money or food. In my community, we always see people knocking on doors of houses asking for some food. This is a phenomenon in human nature that we are going to see everywhere. Therefore, the Lord Jesus said that in the world we will always have the poor. However, Psalm 41: 1-2 highlights the hard work and kind action of those who "think of the poor." This psalm identifies a set of benefits for all those who help the most disadvantaged.

He who thinks of the poor is a "Blessed One". That is to say, he is a happy person, three times happy; Why? The same psalm says, because "the Lord will deliver him from the evil day." We are currently experiencing a bad day with the Covid-19, I am sure that all those people who are collaborating with infected people and who need food, clothing and other needs, God will not deliver them in all the unfortunate events that may arise in their lives. .

God also confirms in his word that "he will stay with the one who thinks of the poor." He will never abandon the righteous people who approach the homeless. God promises to extend days of life to those who think of the poor.

Finally, the word says about those who think of the poor: "They will be blessed on earth and will not give them over to the will of their enemies."

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