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There are waves so strong that they hit the boat of your heart and take you to an unsafe port. In the midst of these strong storms, the ideal is to trust God and not men.

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21 But Jehovah was with Joseph and extended his mercy to him, and gave him grace in the eyes of the prison chief. 22 And the chief of the prison gave into the hands of Joseph the care of all the prisoners who were in that prison; everything that was done there, he did. 23 The prison head did not need to attend to anything that was under Joseph's care, because Jehovah was with Joseph, and what he did, Jehovah prospered.
Genesis 39: 21-23 New King James Version (RVR1960)

Jacob's son Joseph experienced all these strong stormy winds that deeply struck his heart. He lived through the humiliation and attempted murder by his own blood brothers, they put him in a cistern, then sold him as a slave to Pharaoh's military chief, and then blamed him for something he had not committed with your boss's wife in Egypt; and then ends up in jail as an innocent prisoner.

In the midst of all these unfortunate events, Joseph knew in his heart that behind all these adversities the hand of God moved. In fact, God put grace on Joseph in prison and everything he did prospered. Joseph kept his trust in God about all the difficult situations he had to go through. We all know the end of the story of Joseph, who became governor in Egypt, second important man after Pharaoh.

If we maintain trust in God above adverse circumstances, God at the end of our career will make the end of the business better than its beginning. Let us trust in God's favor and walk safely towards a victorious port of love and hope.

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