Hope in God renews your strength

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Blessings on this new day. Surely today's forces are greater than yesterday's, because the children of God go from glory to glory, and from power to power. My message today is called: "Hope in God renews your strength."

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But those who wait for Jehovah will have new strength; They will lift wings like eagles; they will run and they will not tire; they will walk and they will not tire.
Isaiah 40:31 New King James Version (RVR1960)

There are important moments in life when we need to renew our strength. Those are the moments when you feel your soul touch the ground as a result of the many overwhelming problems in the world. In these circumstances, we must step into the cleft in the rock and let our God change our temperament, strengthen our character, and restore our spirits to continue to face life with optimism and full confidence in divine promises.

Hope is never lost when we put them directly to God. In difficult and complex situations, it is when we most need to trust God and wait for his promises. The prophet Isaiah tells us "But those who hope in the Lord will renew their strength." We must be clear that who gives us the strength, the encouragement and the power to continue fighting successfully in life is our God. The only one, in whom we must wait and in whom there is no disappointment, is in God.

The new forces that come from God will help us overcome the highest challenges and raise the flag of victory over problems. The Lord will help us to fly like eagles and we will always be above problems and not below. We will always be victorious in the Lord and not defeated. We will successfully carry out our profession's career in Christ and be victorious at the goal. Throughout our career, God will renew our strength until the day of his coming in the clouds; therefore, let us not be discouraged and trust that God is with us to help us culminate our glorious evangelical career of our salvation. As long as we trust and wait on God, we will be sure that we will not get tired or tired, "Because I can do everything in Christ, who strengthens me."

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