Don't condemn yourself, Christ already forgave you

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I don't know if it has happened to you, that when for some reason you can't pray, read the word or meet with the brothers in the church, then negative thoughts invade your conscience, and this makes you feel bad and leads to depression or Depression creates a guilty feeling that accuses you and makes you feel uncomfortable. The truth is, we must understand that Christ has already paid for our sins and set us free from all charges or crimes.

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Beloved, if our hearts do not rebuke us, we have confidence in God.
1 John 3:21 King James Version (RVR1960)

I think the important thing of all is to get to the point where our hearts are filled with the full confidence that God is with us.

Negative thoughts raise doubts and destroy the trust that can be in the heart.

The apostle John clearly tells us that if nothing rebukes us in the heart, it is because we have confidence in God.

Really, we must focus on the fact that God has already forgiven us through His Son Jesus Christ, so that we can lead lives in complete peace and freedom. In this sense, we must avoid, as far as possible, the doubts that invade us, so as not to steal God's trust or love.

We are free from all condemnation. Christ paid for us on the cross for all our debts of sins. "There is no longer condemnation for those of us in Christ." If we trust this word, then we believe in God, and consequently we grow in love and trust towards the heavenly Father.

If for some reason we commit a crime, which is normal that can happen, then, the word says that we have an attorney before the Father, who is Jesus Christ, who has already come to free us on the cross.

We must learn to live in the freedom with which Christ has already set us free, so that we are careful not to fall again into those things in which we were slaves in the world.

Let us not forget that condemnation oppresses our conscience, but Christ assured us of total freedom. Let us live trusting in the Lord and our hearts will not rebuke us.

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