Only you, Jehovah are God

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And know that your name is Jehovah; You alone Most High over all the earth. Psalms 83:18 Reina-Valera 1960 (KJV)

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Show me your God and I will tell you, who are you?

If there was someone very devoted to idolatry, it was my mother. She was very devoted to the faith of the Virgin of Coromoto and the Virgin of the Valley. When the date of Holy Week arrived, she would go in the procession that always took place on the boardwalk in the city of Puerto Cabello, Edo Carabobo.

My mother instilled her faith in us until she made us believe the images. To be honest, I was small and out of obedience to her, I had to obey her.

My mother was always sick with stress and always spent her time in the Catholic Church praying to the virgins to heal her.

My mother's faith was very radical, no one could tell her about another faith and belief, because she was upset. In his room there was an image of the Virgin of Coromoto with a lit candle.

Unfortunately, I grew up in this environment of idolatry. However, God's plans for my life were different.

When my father came to the eastern part of the country, specifically Anzoátegui, in the city of Cantaura, and he got a job at PDVSA, we moved with our father to the city of Cantaura. My mother began to frequent the Catholic Church and on the date of the Virgin of the Candlemas she walked in the procession with the image.

The family environment was very ugly, many conflicts and problems in the family. Dad always lived sick to his stomach.

I met my boyfriend who is a Christian and comes from a Christian family, and I started attending the church where he congregates. In time I received the Lord as my savior. My parents noticed many changes in me, however my mother did not want to give up her religious life of idolatry.

A few days later my father began to attend church with me and soon after he received Christ as Savior, the important thing of all is that his stomach ailments disappeared, the power of Christ healed him. Dad rested from this gastritis that he suffered.

My mother continued with an attitude of rebellion and did not want anything with Christ, hers were his images. After a while, my mother got sick and there was no way for her to recover from the severe headaches and tension. From talking to her so much to accompany me to church, one day she made a decision and on the night of the service, the pastor prayed for her and she collapsed on the floor. After a while she got up and felt that something ugly had come out of her, she felt better, the headache disappeared, her tension normalized and that same night she received Christ as her savior. Today he recognizes that there is no other God in heaven apart from Jehovah, the God of heavenly armies and of earth.

My mother now, does not lose her adoration and is one of the women who cooks for the Lord's church.

My whole family testifies that, "There is only one God in the heights and on earth, his name is Jehovah."


Jehovah is the only God, whom we must praise forever, we are in a good time to fix our gaze on him.