Educate children to abide by authority, to obey and follow directions they receive

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Instruct the child on his way,
and even when he is old he will not depart from it. Proverbs 22: 6 King James Version (KJV)

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As a woman, I have double responsibility, in addition to being a mother, I am also an educator and I know perfectly my enormous responsibility to train and instruct both my children and my students so that they live and function effectively in a society that is demanding of principles and values.

The rules and regulations of this world every day deviate from the principles of God, and it is precisely in that aspect that we must be very careful. It is not the same to raise a child in a marriage environment established by God (male and female) than in a marriage environment of the same gender. The customs and principles of the world are corrupted and deviated from the norms that God has established to raise healthy and honorable children in a family environment that God proposes in his word.

Instructing children in the ways of God leads us, that we must teach them that God as Father loves the family and has established a mandate of respect towards the main authorities in the family nucleus, which is the father and the mother.

Children must be taught that not only the authority of the parents must be respected, but also the existing authorities in a society, such as rulers, teachers, directors, civil authorities and all that, which in a society represent the authority figure .

As parents we must instruct our children that God, as the highest authority of creation, orders that they be obeyed, in the same way, children must be taught that they must not only honor the authorities, but obey them in everything related to compliance. of rules and laws.

When we teach children that there are civil authorities and that they require obedience, it is also very significant, teaching them that they must strictly comply with all the instructions they receive in order that obedience is given out of respect for authority and not for simple mandatory compliance .

It depends on the parents that the children receive the respective education of the word of God, in order to guide them to obey the authorities and obey them by following the instructions they receive.