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Attributes of God 1
Yesterday, I dropped some vital points on the Attributes of God, today I shall explain some of the attributes of God I mentioned yesterday.

The word Omnipotent refers to a state of being present everywhere at the same time. This characteristic is commonly used in religious context and it is bestowed only on God. With the full knowledge of God's omnipresent nature, the Psalmist declared "I can never escape from your presence, I can never get away from your presence"(PS. 139:7). Jesus demonstrated His attribute of Omnipotence when He said to Nathaniel "Before that Philip called thee, thou east under the fig tree, I saw thee". He already knew Nathaniel before the two met.

This is defined as Almighty or infinite in power; having great or unlimited authority or power; all power; supreme or unrestricted ability. This is what God is saying when He declared, "From eternity to eternity I am God. No one can snatch anyone out of my hand. No one can undo what I have done" (Is a 43:13). Nebuchadnezzar declared of Him, "And all inhabitants of the earth are reputed as nothing: and He doeth according to His will in the army of heaven, and among the inhabitations of the earth...."**. It is unthinkable to expect to see any human being who can manifest these attributes. Of course, only God, who created the world out of nothing.

Omniscient is the ability or capacity to know everything about all things, 'All knowing' including situations and circumstances; past, present and future; thoughts, feelings and character. Having knowledge of all foreknowledge of all occurrences. God sees all things; even death and destruction hold on secret from Him. (Hebrew 13:4). God knows everything about all things. He sees and knows all we think and do, though we sometimes behave as if we are unaware of His knowledge about us, but that does not in any way change this His attribute.

Our knowledge of God's attributes should propel us to develop an over whelming feeling of reverence, admiration of Him and worship Him with fear and trembling. This will also help us to start believing on Him and His word, and depend on Him in all situations and circumstances. We can handover our burdens/problems to Him with confidence assurance that He can and fix them up for us.

With this knowledge rooted in us we would not entertain any form of doubt, as we are sure we belong to God, no matter where we find yourselves. We can then pray with confidence, knowing that He is ever present with us.

We understand that God existed before the beginning and He will continue to exist after the end, so the beginning and the end of all thongs are within His ambit. We should therefore be courageous enough to share all we do or think with Him as we convinced that His ways ate better than ours.

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